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We’re obsessed with one thing. Epic fun.

You’ve never clubbed like this before. elrow is intense, outrageous and off the wall. We invented it in a club beside Barcelona airport some summers ago and the idea went boom. Is it a party, a performance or just a lot of great, crazy people having a wild time together? Come and see for yourself. Rowgelia will change your life, trust us.

The formula kicks ass!

We’re a massive escape-valve for the seriousness of life. A jam-packed roller-coaster of pure smiles running wild. Every session is a magical, collaborative world; mixing music, amazing props, street theatre and zany costumes into unique melting pots of laughter and craziness.

More than 20 theme rocking shows

The exotic Sambodromo in London? We got it. El Bronx in Shanghai? Check. A Psychedelic Trip in Ibiza? Yep. An absurd and wonderful Singermorning in Miami? Affirmative. The Authentic Feria de Abril in Buenos Aires? Of course.

Wherever there are party people, we’re there too

There’s an elrow show happening pretty much in every corner of the world. Since 2015, the company has toured around the five continents having held more than 150 performances in 30 different countries, as well as permanent residence in Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Together, we all make awesome magic

We get people dancing their feet off in absurd, multi-coloured carnivals of epic fun, where performers and public mix together in glorious, never-ending explosions of pure happiness. Thanks for being part of it all and for spreading massive doses of love & joy show after show.